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CPL was found almost 17 years ago by Lork Ouknha Cheng Kheng. In those days, property market is completely different to what is now. All of us properly seeing high-rise buildings, condos, apartments, town houses and new mini-cities are popping up almost every single day. <br/> <br/> We decided to move to new Head Office with much better equipped with latest technologies from new computers to new branding and so on. We are investing in Cloud Property Management technology. <br/> <br/> Realty market is really growing now into a different competitive landscape. To prepare CPL to be ready for Asean integration 2015, CPL is heavily invest third technology platform to automate end-to-end Real Estate business processes to ensure we can serving our customers better. <br/> <br/> Taking this opportunities we are also investing in rebrand to ensure we are more ready for Asean integration as well as ensure we are ready to serve our international investors too!